Nothin’ Even Matters

It's been awhile since I've went out and bought an album. I went on a hiatus for a little while because an airport mishap in the Philippines lost me a bunch of albums I really loved. I was discouraged from buying albums for awhile because of that mishap, and I'd just download ZIP files of … Continue reading Nothin’ Even Matters


The Low End Theory At 26 Years-old Today

By the late '80s the start of the '90s, the Native Tongues collective from New York were leading a type of "cubist-movement" within the genre of Hip Hop; challenging the commercial success of gangster-rap, and rejecting audiences' ideas of how a rapper should be. Artists from the Native Tongues collective were quintessential to the culture … Continue reading The Low End Theory At 26 Years-old Today


With the recent domestic-abuse allegations, "17" album, a place on the 2017 XXL-freshmen list, and now a new music video for "Look At Me"; Florida-state rapper - XXXTentacion - has been placed firmly into the limelight of today's Hip Hop. In fact, just last week his debut-album - 17 - sold 86,000 units on its first … Continue reading XXXTENTACION – Don’t Look At Me

Spring Solitude Playlist

Summer Madness, Autumn Sadness, Cruel Winter and now - Spring Solitude; my 2017 Seasonal-playlists in chronological order. The Spring Solitude playlist - at least for me - reflects a narrative of youthful restlessness, and paints the "coming-of-age" of someone stressed to their breaking point by the hands of alcohol-dependency, anxiousness, existential uncertainty, heartbreak, nostalgia, and … Continue reading Spring Solitude Playlist

The Sun’s Tirade – 12 Months Later.

1 year ago today, Isaiah Rashad released "The Sun's Tirade". One of my personal favourite albums from that year, I really love how Rashad narrates his stories with an undertone of anxiety and worries in his words and delivery. They seep through every song as if they could consume him at any moment. Is he … Continue reading The Sun’s Tirade – 12 Months Later.

How Young Thug Bodied Drake’s Sacrifices On A Whole Other Level.

Of all the high moments on Drake's More Life; from the multiple song transitions (especially 4422-Gyalchester), the string of melodic beats, great guest appearances, infectious hooks, and instant-classic punchlines after instant-classic punchlines... it's almost universally agreed on by fans and casual listeners that Young Thug had one of the album's defining moments when he dropped the … Continue reading How Young Thug Bodied Drake’s Sacrifices On A Whole Other Level.


I remember being in the Philippines last year and drinking cheap bottles of liquor in a hotel room by myself while my parents caught up with their distant relatives, and my brother went out for some smokes. Observing a skyline view of the city which birthed me, from a 56-storey building which gentrified my family's … Continue reading Momma

Bad warmth, Cruel Winter Playlist

I wanted to wait at least a week of being smoke-free before I started writing this, but I guess 6 days and 12 hours will do just fine. I'm writing this to talk about how I've recently hit a "reset" button in my life, both figuratively and literally. I guess it all really started with … Continue reading Bad warmth, Cruel Winter Playlist

Common — Be

Be: Common’s triumphant second-wind in his career, which saw him regaining his focus in messages and ability to lyrically explore/connect ideas. Further assisted by the production efforts of a younger Kanye West and J Dilla, “Be” re-established Common as a premiere lyricist in the genre of Hip Hop after his string of "soulquarian"/90s albums had … Continue reading Common — Be