It's a shame we have to meet again under these unforeseen circumstances. Dad told me I'd get used to this as I get older. I know he's right, I just don't know who'll be there and who'll be here. In the wake of all of this, I just want you to know I love you.



I was doing an all-nighter for a research essay tonight, Until I got caught up listening to Frank Ocean's White and thought about you through the sliding strings of John Mayer and melancholic echoes of the bass and drums too. After I heard about your passing, I called up a few friends on my landline … Continue reading Cynthia


You should've seen it. Nothing happened, In fact, It was just another rainy night in the city, But there was something about tonight's ambiance That you just had to see. You should've seen me tonight. I moved on. I walked up and down Queen street with Callum, looking for some cheap takeaways for dinner. There's … Continue reading Acknowledgement

Way Back When

I've been thinkin' bout her now and then. Sadder daze and Saturdays. I wonder if she's even seen me goin' thru it. I'm hoping everything's okay. I'm back to the introvert I always really was. Listening to old-school R Kelly, and Roberta Flack. Nobody said I could quit, You and I know I'm not addicted … Continue reading Way Back When


Violence. I grew up with a love-and-hate relationship with it. I can admit, I've had moments where I wanted to commit acts of violence, but I usually kept cool and introverted about it because I have traumatic experiences tied to violence. Last Saturday night, a fight erupted in a party I was in. It was … Continue reading Still.

Nothin’ Even Matters

It's been awhile since I've went out and bought an album. I went on a hiatus for a little while because an airport mishap in the Philippines lost me a bunch of albums I really loved. I was discouraged from buying albums for awhile because of that mishap, and I'd just download ZIP files of … Continue reading Nothin’ Even Matters

Introvert Interlude

Stealing posters from St. Kevin's Arcade, 3 hour phone calls with my friends across the world, Buying 6-packs of Tui on the way back home, Drinking it all by myself in my room. Crashing in my friends' flats on Wednesdays, Sleeping in carparks on Saturdays, Walking past Church on Sundays, Rising from Marlboro ashes on … Continue reading Introvert Interlude


This time last year, I was listening to "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)" by D'angelo in my bedroom, thinkin' bout some stuff. Tonight, I'm doing the same, except now I've got a cigarette in my hand. Breathing in and out everything bad, for a temporary high that'll only last in my head. Maybe I still … Continue reading VU