Bad warmth, Cruel Winter Playlist

I wanted to wait at least a week of being smoke-free before I started writing this, but I guess 6 days and 12 hours will do just fine. I'm writing this to talk about how I've recently hit a "reset" button in my life, both figuratively and literally. I guess it all really started with … Continue reading Bad warmth, Cruel Winter Playlist


Winter Madness Playlist – (20/06/2017)

I've noticed that there's a contradictory nature in the term "Winter-break" for a youth such as myself: the Winter season is supposedly a time which reflects tranquility, dormancy, solitude and clarification, yet the "-break" alludes to a time of Summer; a time which displays youthfulness, and is when my character supposedly acts recklessly, self-assertive and … Continue reading Winter Madness Playlist – (20/06/2017)