Jivin’ the Voodoo Down

Moments of truth, as we sat in your car on a hot Saturday afternoon, I told you "A year ago, I felt the calm before my storm..." the calmest calm before the hungriest storm... You look at me with an honesty in your eyes I've seen it many times before in fact, You tell me I've matured since then, you're happy for me, and that you're proud of me. I didn't need your confirmation about that though


Instant Classics In 2017?

I saw this video tonight which claimed Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. is already a "classic". Crazy. I was really baffled that at only 7 months since the album's release, it's already hailed as a classic by the well-known music-journalism website: Pitchfork. DAMN. in 2017 wasn’t culturally digested by Hip Hop and mainstream audiences the same way … Continue reading Instant Classics In 2017?

November Sides

Dreaming of a Malibu summertime in the dreary urban rain. I don't know how I felt about you last night but I have to keep it moving on in the morning Always. Lately I've seen through the canvas of your eyes, the mirror in your lies, the distance between our lives. You don't have to … Continue reading November Sides

Scorpio List // Burning One

You are the luckiest girl alive. We had our innocence then. Conquered the world every time I smiled, Now I don’t smile as often. I don’t see you at all anymore. I rarely pray but I just pray that you’re well. What if you cried every night? Below the moon and the sky, I’ll burn … Continue reading Scorpio List // Burning One