Introvert Interlude

Stealing posters from St. Kevin's Arcade, 3 hour phone calls with my friends across the world, Buying 6-packs of Tui on the way back home, Drinking it all by myself in my room. Crashing in my friends' flats on Wednesdays, Sleeping in carparks on Saturdays, Walking past Church on Sundays, Rising from Marlboro ashes on … Continue reading Introvert Interlude



This time last year, I was listening to "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)" by D'angelo in my bedroom, thinkin' bout some stuff. Tonight, I'm doing the same, except now I've got a cigarette in my hand. Breathing in and out everything bad, for a temporary high that'll only last in my head. Maybe I still … Continue reading VU

Great Day In The Mornin’

There's been a strong energy surrounding me for the last few weeks (and it's not Hennessy's black magic), it's been passing by here and there in my life before too, but not in the same way it has recently. The energy's been helping me connect certain points about my life, establishing their relationships, and defining … Continue reading Great Day In The Mornin’


Mornings in the suburb's rain, Nights in the City's suns. Smoking with construction workers on the sidewalks of the Business District, We made A[KKK]L what it is. Meeting in the aisles. Affirmative actions against our cultures. Same old New Balance sneakers. Black and white colour-way to match my views, With shades of blue, red and … Continue reading Eh

Black Cow

I saw you last night, playing the same song you showed me last year. Have you changed since we went our separate ways? I walked home the next morning, playing the same song you showed me last year. Maybe we haven't changed much at all. I thought about you this afternoon, I hope I don't … Continue reading Black Cow


The warmth of Auckland's coldest nights Always talked to me with more enthusiasm in her voice whenever I finished my night in Karangahape Road and the Niterider bus. She and I exchanged secrets tonight As we watched the streetlights of her nearby suburbs still shine brightly for no one. It reminded me of how I … Continue reading Dual

Coup De Grâce

It's been lingering on in my mind; the sketches I drew on those stick-it notes were still in your flat. You kept them for yourself, stored in the drawers of your study desk, months after I drunkenly conceived them. Why? I drew similar things back in a depressing college phase. Most of them were thrown … Continue reading Coup De Grâce

Bar Tab Interlude

You just go from man to man I just don’t seem to understand Why you’re so very hard to take You sweet sticky thing. Crashing out with you at 3:00 AM In the car-park of Auckland University Waiting for you to sober up so you can drive us back to the suburbs The same place … Continue reading Bar Tab Interlude