Asahi Arrows

One-night stands got my mind all fucked up. A week of late nights just thinkin' bout who lied to me first. I'd finish by drinking cheap bottles of beer with Reagan and Dom, outside of Jeff's ash-riddled porch on a gloomy Sunday morning, then repeat. Listening to D’angelo over and over again too, thinkin’ bout … Continue reading Asahi Arrows



Late November, 2:00 AM somewhere in the hills of Panmure, back when Currents and Cilvia Demo were my anthems. Renz was in the front-seat, Shafiq was in the Driver's seat, they wouldn't stop giving me shit about Georgia, I wouldn't stop giving Renz shit about Christina too. Sam and Dom were in the back with … Continue reading Church

Same Old, Same Old

We made it back to your building at 5:17 AM, holding hands and sharing the same bottle of wine, running across the lobby, trying not to be seen, and giggling to ourselves with red, blushing cheeks. The elevator couldn't decide between smelling like intoxicated students or smelling like your hair; a cheap cherry-bomb shampoo from … Continue reading Same Old, Same Old


Drinking $30 of muddy water hoping to find clarity when I reek of my Uncle's remedy and poison from a 9-5 job and day-to-day life Up all night thinking about what happened between us as I beat myself up again and crave more clarity I told myself to let go I threw away Bic-lighters and photos … Continue reading Satellite

Pride & Spare Change

I don't know if I like art most of its "abstractarity" just makes me feel poor and stupid gently reminding me of the immigrant I really am like the times I was advised to keep my aspirations as low as my voice by teachers and classmates who'll never see poverty like I have I kept … Continue reading Pride & Spare Change

Bad warmth, Cruel Winter Playlist

I wanted to wait at least a week of being smoke-free before I started writing this, but I guess 6 days and 12 hours will do just fine. I'm writing this to talk about how I've recently hit a "reset" button in my life, both figuratively and literally. I guess it all really started with … Continue reading Bad warmth, Cruel Winter Playlist

Nonchalant Heat

Henny in the early AM I forgot we're not talking for now because I seem to keep having nights I can't remember with women who won't forget -- woe is me Cigarettes and sex in my breath again I know I told you this ended last week but the liquor always makes me go back … Continue reading Nonchalant Heat


I think the question of “Who’s in charge?” should be performed by our actions, and not just asked by our words nor our prayers. The levels of opposites, comparisons, and tensions in relationships, nature, art and materialistic items serve to keep this question going for me – what am I doing in order to grow … Continue reading 2:10AM

Cilvia Demo For The Winter

Spilling my words in the back seat like the bottle I finished 10 minutes ago I mixed that with some feelings and drank it in your Nissan for some energy and the memories -- cheers to the Hennessy We live life on different sides but that's no excuse for how you treat me as we … Continue reading Cilvia Demo For The Winter