Pride & Spare Change

I don’t know if I like art
most of its “abstractarity” just makes me feel poor and stupid
gently reminding me of the immigrant I really am
like the times I was advised to keep my aspirations as low as my voice
by teachers and classmates who’ll never see poverty like I have
I kept to myself for years about it
as I heard the privileged talk about harsh ghettos
as if they’d actually been there
and spent their adolescent years experiencing it
I resented a lot of people who thought they knew it like me
who thought they knew it better than me
all without really knowing it
until I saw a homeless man in Queen Street ask me for money
as if he never had a chance to earn it himself
why did I hate this man for being broke?
why did I hate this man being like my family back home?
I was disgusted
by the way the man presented himself to me
as if his life really depended on petty money
but maybe it did
so I condescendingly spared him some change
and watched him desperately clutch on to what could possibly be his drug-money
seeing him preciously hold on to it
like when I when I was a kid
and received Christmas and birthday presents from mum and dad
without knowing just how much they were financially struggling
I sat by the bus stop across from him
and saw another man compassionately pass him some change without a second thought
as he carried on walking his way with an infectious smile on his face
then I realized
that sometimes
it didn’t really matter where we’re from
or what we did
because we’ll all be in the same parties and streets anyways
— I’ve been broke and down before too
so I know how it feels.

4 thoughts on “Pride & Spare Change

  1. Ⲛicely like Momjy mentioned, after we love one
    another and love the woгlԁ thaat Jeesus dieɗ
    for, that?s a sоrrt of worship. When we take
    іto consideration God and hearken to the sermon oг in Sunday
    Coⅼlеge, that?s a manner oof worshilping becauѕe ere studying
    hoѡ nice Good is and He likеs that. Or after wwe sit around and tell
    one another what the greatest things about God are. You know how much you want hearing flks say how smart
    or cute yoᥙ boys ɑre? Effectivcely God likes ѡhen wee
    talk collectiѵely about how great he is.? Daddy answered.


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