Nonchalant Heat

Henny in the early AM
I forgot we’re not talking for now
because I seem to keep having nights
I can’t remember
with women who won’t forget
— woe is me

Cigarettes and sex in my breath again
I know I told you this ended last week
but the liquor always makes me go back
back on my words
so as I walk down the main road of the suburb
it feels as though I’m dragging my corpse
through all of my mistakes and regrets

Looking out into the houses I used to bother
and the streets I used to midnight-maraud
in the years I used to neglect
with the people I’ll never forget
remembering about
the expensive spirits I’d share with my friends
and the cheap ciders I’d hide from my family
the youth I never had
but the kid I once was




One thought on “Nonchalant Heat

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