Cilvia Demo For The Winter

Spilling my words in the back seat
like the bottle I finished
10 minutes ago
I mixed that with some feelings
and drank it in your Nissan
for some energy
and the memories
— cheers to the Hennessy

We live life on different sides
but that’s no excuse
for how you treat me
as we sharply drifted the corner
I held my phone tightly
like it’s how we once were

I don’t have money to my name
so I’m clockin’ in on Monday
for some answers
and distractions
but maybe
none will get me like she did
I didn’t realise I was so unhappy
until I think about my friends
and how they treat me

The view of the waterfront
reminds me of where I’ve been
where I’m from
and where I’ll be
— where we’ll be
things have been better
since I ignored you
and stopped caring about our ties

Music fills the car
I close my eyes for a moment
to find myself in another room
another drive-thru
another park
another street
another space
with new and familiar faces
I assume it must be the same
for you right now too

I crash out
too burnt out
once again
I close my eyes for a moment
waiting for an ambulance
to save me or do something
but complacently
I think to myself
‘I’m fine with this’





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